5 Seconds of Summer Release Fifth Studio Album ‘5SOS5’
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5 Seconds of Summer Release Fifth Studio Album ‘5SOS5’

5 Seconds of Summer, the multi-platinum selling pop-rock band, has released their highly anticipated fifth studio album, 5SOS5. The Australian quartet’s first independent album, released in collaboration with BMG. Luke Hemmings (vocals/guitar), Calum Hood (bass/vocals), Ashton Irwin (drums/vocals), and Michael Clifford (guitar/vocals) make up 5SOS.

The 19-track album highlights the band’s artistry and evolution over their 10-year history, highlighting their dynamic pop-punk sound mixed with mature and intimate lyrics, with the majority of the new album written by the band and produced by guitarist Michael Clifford.

Along with the album release, the band released their fresh new single “Bad Omens,” which joins previously released tracks “Blender,” “Take My Hand,” and “Me, Myself & I” in giving fans a taste of what to expect from the album. The mega hit “COMPLETE MESS” by the “boys in the bands” was the No. 2 most added song on Top 40 Radio with over 100 stations in the first week. “5SOS5 has been the most satisfying experience,” says bassist Calum Hood. “Born in the desert of Joshua Tree, the foundation of the record arose from quieting the mind and letting the band’s spirit to speak.” It’s a living, breathing entity made up of our most beautiful light and dark sides. 5SOS5 is the most accurate depiction of 5 Seconds of Summer.”

To commemorate the release, 5 Seconds of Summer performed an exclusive global Livestream, The Feeling of Falling Upwards, from London’s world-famous Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night (September 22). The band, supported by an orchestra and choir, performed songs from their 11-year catalog as well as brand-new songs from the forthcoming album. Sierra Deaton, who delivers vocals for the single “Older,” was also in attendance.

Deaton stated on Instagram, “This is one of the most special records I’ve ever been a part of.” “Luke and I started this idea in our living room in March 2019 as an ode to Fifties love songs, but it wasn’t until years later when he playfully emailed a voice memo of it that Michael convinced us we needed to finish it together.” And I’m overjoyed he did.”

Musically, the band has progressed significantly since their 2014 punk rock self-titled first album, 5 Seconds of Summer – which makes sense given that eight years have elapsed and they’ve gone from Boyz II Men (sorry, couldn’t resist). 5SOS5 has a lot of lyricism and is the band’s first album that was virtually totally produced by them.

Following the release of their fourth album, Calm, the boys organized a group retreat to Joshua Tree (COVID-19 ruled out touring), and 5SOS5 was born with a more mature sound and sensitive lyrics that illustrate where the four are in life and as artists – an emotional “Blender,” if you will?

While the band shows off their sensitive and reflective side, the band’s edge, heavier rock songs are missing from the 19-track collection. The tracks “Blender” and “Me, Myself & I” come the closest. After witnessing the band live at Mohegan Sun Arena earlier this year, these two tracks seemed “harder” and turned into full-fledged rock anthems. Memory Lane appears to be a place where the band feels at ease, as evidenced by previous standout pieces “2011,” “Broken Home,” and “Old Me.” That is not the case with this record. “Best Friends” is about, well, best friends, with Hemmings singing about their friendship and his affection for his bandmates. Clifford’s dedication to the “emo” era is “Emotions,” and Hood takes the lead vocals on “You Don’t Go to Parties.”

CALM – 5SOS5 is the band’s best technical album to date, displaying their progress, capacity to reflect, and love of nostalgia, despite the fact that this reviewer’s heart will always belong to their 2020 release. It’s the logical next step for a rock band that’s been around since they were teenagers and continues to evolve and change. An album that highlights their years as a united team is lyrically their best and still leaves the listener wanting more. Excellent work.


  2. Easy For You To Say
  3. Bad Omens
  4. Me Myself & I
  5. Take My Hand
  7. Older (feat. Sierra Deaton)
  8. HAZE
  9. You Don’t Go To Parties
  11. Caramel
  12. Best Friends
  13. Bleach
  14. Red Line
  15. Moodswings
  16. Flatline
  17. Emotions
  18. Bloodhound
  19. TEARS!

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