“2 Be Loved” Lizzo Music Video Challenges Demons within Yourself
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“2 Be Loved” Lizzo Music Video Challenges Demons within Yourself

Grammy award winning pop artist Lizzo’s new music video for song “2 Be Loved” is humorous and charming in reflection of the singer’s fun personality she’s constantly showing us on Instagram. We’re grasped in the first scene when the story begins with a ‘me &me’ scene of Lizzo at the alter in her wedding waiting for the bride, and yet she is also the bride walking down the isle. As Lizzo meets herself alter she gently tosses the bouquet of flowers and runs off. 

What makes Lizzo such a great artist is that she is willing to bring light to real issues in her work, which in this particular song include insecurities. A greater message discussed is: do I love myself enough to be loved by someone else. The lyrics to the chorus: 

Am I ready (You gon’ figure it out)
To be loved, to be loved? (To be loved)
Am I ready? (You deserve it now)

Bringing awareness to the importance of loving oneself rather than relying on others to find love is what makes her a superstar. 

Tyson Beckford makes an appearance as Lizzo’s love interest. The funny twist is that the scene with Beckford is actually a dream and she’s is still searching for love within herself. She ends the video in a fabulous outfit as her fabulous self expressing that she is ready for love.

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